Friday, March 13, 2009


The sprawl is mind numbingly loud today.
I can't seem to concentrate within these concrete confines.
No... coffins.
We are just slaves to society.
As we continue on, our daily lives become none existent in the pursuit of monetary gain.
Consumerism has turned so many to whores, to prisoners within.
Want becomes overbearing of need.
Prestige over necessity.
Look at all the work, in a system that inevitably makes the fat cats fatter.
No longer is sweat required to build foundations, just check your soul at the door.
It works though. That's what they tell us.
It's not as if the financial/monetary system is flawed. It's failing.
Should have just bought those magic beans, at least you would have something to eat Mr. Day Trader.
It's not enough to survive today. Greed consumes the meek.
So many have lost sight of more important things. But they aren't to blame...
Society has it's evils.

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