Friday, January 23, 2009

Wtb: Prose

Warmth I crave.
You, here beside me. Whispering... "Go to sleep."
Slowly rolling in our tussled sheets, so carelessly put together from this morning.
Smooth scented skin tries my resolve again. Scent so alluring.
I slowly taste your naked, vulnerable shoulder, as it peeks out from under the covers. The black air of night chills your exposed skin and is cool on my lips. A familiar taste fills my senses.
Unresponsive you lay asleep, warm and comfortable in my arms... safe.
Gently I hold you awaiting a response. Your body hot under covers. So soft. So sexy.
I caress your tummy... thinking of the kisses I showered it with hours before. Thinking of how much I enjoy that slightly salty taste you get sometimes. Especially after... you know...
And now... a response. With fluid like motion you roll to your side. My hands adjust. My right finds itself resting on your hip.
Such an innocent motion.
Supple curves press against me.
Why is everything you do so sexy?
At first all I wanted was the warmth I craved...
Now you're here beside me, whispering... "Go to sleep."

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