Friday, March 27, 2009

Learning. Futility. Sacrifice.

Let me ease your pain.
Even if it is only you telling me your story.
We all have problems that we deal with...
Some are just a little more difficult than others.
It is a pattern, but how do so many people fall prey to it?
I don't know.
Maybe we like the pain. The torture.
Saddists, we are.
How a loved one can walk all over us and yet we both do nothing?
One of us does it because of ignorance. The other is afraid.
We have all been afraid.
The ingnorance comes from taking such a beautiful thing for granted.
But I was blind then.
Being afraid of saying and getting what you want...
It's their happiness first... right?
All we want is someone to complete us. Someone to share our lives with.
Not to be alone.
We can become complacent though. Let the little things slide... it won't matter in the grand scheme.
They will.
To think that we can institute such a change in someone only comes from the fact that we "love" them.
But love is perspective.
To realize that change can only come from within. From wanting it themselves...
It can be a lesson in futility.
We try to hold on. Just incase. For that comfort... that security.
But there is always so much more.
Too many are stuck in places they do not want to be...
So many have... and will be.
Take comfort in yourself once in a while.
It is the path to self disovery.
And with patience and time on your side...
There is always something more.
But from all of this is where the perspective comes from, I hope we learn from it.
Or else we sacrifice too much.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Flock inspired.

Tick tock, I save time with Flock!
Click click, Wow! I sure am quick!
Facebook, it's easy just take a look,
On the side, see that slider slide!
Scroll on through, your friends updates are new!
Twitter too, OMG so much to do!
Floreta Cui, I'll tell her too, you'll see!
Blogger wow! I am writing to it now!
Picasa pictures? It makes it even swifter!
No way! So much to do, let's play!
Now Gmail, Logged in... no mail! :(
Oh Social networking, Flock does everything!
Now for an end... if only I have more friends!


Silly really.
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Friday, March 13, 2009


The sprawl is mind numbingly loud today.
I can't seem to concentrate within these concrete confines.
No... coffins.
We are just slaves to society.
As we continue on, our daily lives become none existent in the pursuit of monetary gain.
Consumerism has turned so many to whores, to prisoners within.
Want becomes overbearing of need.
Prestige over necessity.
Look at all the work, in a system that inevitably makes the fat cats fatter.
No longer is sweat required to build foundations, just check your soul at the door.
It works though. That's what they tell us.
It's not as if the financial/monetary system is flawed. It's failing.
Should have just bought those magic beans, at least you would have something to eat Mr. Day Trader.
It's not enough to survive today. Greed consumes the meek.
So many have lost sight of more important things. But they aren't to blame...
Society has it's evils.

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